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The Death of Globalization

How Politics, Ethics and the Environment are Transforming Global Supply Chains

The Death of Globalization provides insights into a world characterized by volatility and uncertainty, critical reading for anyone needing to understand the seismic changes which are being driven by a new world order.

Published May 2023 by Sea Pen Books

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Logistics and Supply Chain Innovation

A Practical Guide to Disruptive Technologies and New Business Models

Explore the technological disruptions of the logistics and supply chain industry and get step-by-step guidance to adapting business plans and strategies.

Published November 2022 by Kogan Page

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Supply Chain Risk Management

How to Design and Manage Resilient Supply Chains

Establish a resilient and complete approach to the different types of supply chain risk, including cyber-crime and climate change, using this guide.

Published November 2020 by Kogan Page

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Supply Chain Ethics

Using CSR and Sustainability to Create Competitive Advantage

Supply Chain Ethics, through case studies, surveys and unique research, identifies and outlines best practice employed by global manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies.

Published November 2017 by Kogan Page

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Introduction to Global Logistics

Delivering the Goods

Gain a thorough understanding of the micro-economic dynamics and trends shaping the global logistics industry with an in-depth coverage of the key strategic principles and practices. It includes an overview of all the key sectors.

Published November 2016 by Kogan Page

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